Potomac Run (MD/VA/DC - Sunday, Sept. 27, 2020 3-5:30PM)


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Jan 30, 2012
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@Ripinator, @Imperialist67, @Analog Kid, @Michael McCoy, and I will be driving our C-bodies along the Potomac in MD/VA/DC this coming Sunday afternoon. @Imps Rule was hoping that he could join us too, but unfortunately he has a conflict on the 27th.

The weather for Sunday is supposed to be nice: partly cloudy and warm without humidity and very little chance of rain. I am therefore posting about this run in case other members would like to join us. Paging in particular local new members @Newport Man and @Michael A. Corley and, from further away, FCBO stalwarts @1978 NYB and @1970FuryConv

I have attached a map of our itinerary. In words:

We will meet at the Glen Echo Park parking lot, off MacArthur Blvd in MD and chat a bit / take photos.

From the Glen Echo parking lot, we will drive north on the Clara Barton Parkway for a beautiful ride among the trees -- the traffic there is usually neither too fast nor too slow. Clara Barton connects to the Beltway. We will either take the off-ramp onto the Beltway on our way to the GW Parkway, or drive a bit north to the great Falls (MD) parking lot if that's better for some folks to join up the caravan there.

Either way, we'll then proceed to cross the American Legion Bridge and then immediately exit the Beltway onto GW Parkway, drive south to the Tidal Basin Paddle Boathouse and park our cars there for more photos. If the TB parking lot is closed (I saw a barrier 3 weeks ago for some reason), we will go and park next to the Jefferson Memorial just a few hundred yards away.

From there, we will then drive back up to Glen Echo using Canal Road, ending at the Irish Inn for a piece of cake and/or a Guinness on their terrace (i.e., in a Covid-safe manner).

In total, we will be out for an hour of driving together (plus driving time to/from Glen Echo) and probably close to 2-2.5 hours in total. Folks who cannot join for the whole run can easily join at the 3 stopping points: Glen Echo Park lot (3PM), Great Falls MD lot (around 3:20PM), Tidal Basin (around 3:50PM), and Irish Inn (4:45-5:30PM).

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