CATL 2020: C-bodies At The Lake (Sunday, Sept. 20, 2020)

We’re in St Charles!




Getting ready to leave for the Dunes.

Stopover to meet @traintech55 and grab lunch in Hammond, IN. We should hit the Dunes by 3:30!

Edit: add a good 20’ to our ETA. Bill led us to a nice ‘66 300. The rear looks just like the two verts being restored by @Ripinator

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Three fusies in Indiana—paging @LocuMob, we’re missin' the Cicada!



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put 130 miles on her today. beautiful day, it was, even took her top down!
thanks @ayilar for putting this cruze together, and allowing me to tag along!
put 130 miles on her today. beautiful day, it was, even took her top down!
thanks @ayilar for putting this cruze together, and allowing me to tag along!

And thanks to you for joining the Drive. It was great!

Edit: here is a photo I took at a red light sometime after we’d left St Charles. That was before you went topless :)

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The weather was perfect and so was the company throughout the day.

As to those who were hoping to come but were unable to, due to work or family: fear not, there’ll be a 2021 CATL! Meanwhile, enjoy these two panoramas of the Dunes -- and yes, the Lake (otherwise, we would not be calling this "rallye" a CATL).


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Michel couldn't have asked for a better day for his 2nd CATL drive. The cooling temperatures over the weekend made it a great day to take the old Detroit iron out for a drive.
Here's a few pics taken from the CATL cruise over to the Indiana Dunes:

Getting ready to drive down to St. Charles to meet up with everyone.

While at Pottawatomie Park , was able to take a few pics before leaving for Indiana....

One from the road.

Before getting to the Dunes, Michel called Bill (traintech), knowing we'd be driving through his town. We were able to meet up him and his better half soon after crossing the border. After we had lunch, the three of us followed him over to see his 66 300. Unplanned detour, but well worth it and it was nice to catch up with Bill.
After reaching the Dunes we parked our cars and walked over to the see Lake Michigan from the other side of the lake. In the second picture, you can see the Chicago skyline in the distance.

Before leaving got some last shots from the parking lot of the cars that made the drive. Thanks again Michel for putting this together.

After getting back from the 250 mile drive, I noticed my New Yorker passed the 60K mark on the odometer at some point during the cruise.
Thank you in turn! Here are a couple pics of your NYer that I took in Hammond yesterday:

(1) at lunch, with Bill checking out the superb engine bay;


(2) on the street a few blocks south, while you were checking out Bill’s 1966 300.

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