Question about Toyota's free new car! (no joke). How can Mopar compete with that?


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Jul 17, 2020
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Cleveland, OH
This week, Toyota lowered the price of its Toyota Mirai by $40,000. From $52,000 to $12,000. Toyota also gives a $15,000 hydrogen fuel card, so car is technically free.

Problems are
1) It runs on Hydrogen.
2) Some Hydrogen fuel stations are closing.
3) There's few Mirai's remaining for sale.
4) Hydrogen is about twice as expensive than gasoline.
4) Who the heck knows how to work on these things?

I don't travel far and my city has 3 hydrogen stations so should I buy one? Car does have a lithium battery pack, so can I somehow hack it to just run on the battery? (I think only 120 miles range). Scientists are still saying hydrogen is still the future, better than batteries. However with no hydrogen support, ownership might be a pain. What do you think?