Re-Wiring The Beast

Isaiah Estrada

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Jan 20, 2020
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Santa Maria, CA
Here’s what a NY looks like after sitting for a year with no progress



The good thing about tackling the wiring now is that the car is completely gutted to the core. I got lucky and have a friend coming by to tackle the job. He’s starting out with the dashboard since that is the easiest, being it’s completely out of the car.

Boy was there some redneckery going on in there! There were several bad splices, similar to this…


He unraveled everything, most of the tape was brittle anyways. What he started to do was to sort every wire and trace them back to the fuse block.

Unfortunately, the block on my 68 is absolutely corroded and full of crud. We may end up replacing it with a more reliable modern unit. Yeah, it’s not “factory” or how Mopar did it but Mopar didn’t do the best job of wiring our cars either LOL.


Once he’s able to sort everything out, he’s going to re-tape and then add a very nice and clean looking loom. It hasn’t been said for a while, but my theme is still “attention to detail.”

Im grateful for his help, as he’s done amazing work on many cars that are happily cruising along here in town. He’s never done a Mopar this modern, but loves the challenge and says we can get this baby all clean and wired within the next few months!


Next, to figure out the engine harness and get that all cleaned up. Should be lots of fun (sarcasm.) All will be worth it when we can be finished with the wiring and clean up this cluttered engine bay! Still also need to plumb the brakes. After that I will probably be able to throw the front clip back on and get it driving at last. One could only hope!





And yes, obviously we are going to do away with the ammeter. This is my original cluster rebuilt with a voltmeter in place of the ammeter. I hate aftermarket gauges! I want the original look and functionality. So excited to make it all work!