Response to a member of this forum VIA pictures.

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Apr 22, 2022
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This is a response to a forum member that replied to my PM message, where I was unable to post pictures on a PM message as a reply.

Hey Fin, this is the settup I used under the hood to get footage from the carb linkage and the AVS with the light source settup from the YT vid.

Starting a thread was the only place where I could post pictures of the under hood camera settup I had.

Pictures on the way.
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The camera placement was clamped to the A/C compressor lines, rigid enough and not too loose also.
Really, it was a perfect spot to see the movement of the throttle linkage. I only hoped to set up the camera differently to see down the carburetor bores better.

The light source was a magnetic base stuck to the fender just under the hood hinge spring.

Can't say the footage was stabilized well after reviewing the footage, higher speeds tend to shake and bump the camera around a bit.

The 3rd piece was a strap type settup to mount on my head for more of a POV perspective while I was driving.

For those that may be confused on such a strange and out of no where post, I'll leave the video here as some sort of context.




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