Screenshot of the Day

I think that's my HS cheerleader squad. And they still looked good at the 30 yr reunion.
Welp the Bi-annual clownfest is back... here's a real classy date, having your dinner on top of a trash bin!

10-16-21.Live Friday Night Daytona Beach Biketoberfest 2021 Motorcycle Rally.BIN.DINNER.jpg

:rofl: :eek::eek::eek:....:rolleyes:

Big fire down San Diego CA the other day, someones fixing to lose a Mustang!

10-17-21 Three-Alarm Massive Junkyard Fire San Diego (on the uTube)

10-17-21.Three-Alarm Massive Junkyard Fire San Diego.001.jpg


10-17-21.Three-Alarm Massive Junkyard Fire San Diego.002.jpg

More reason's for Cali to take away the volatile oil and gasoline! Wouldn't have happened if those cars were all junk electric cars.