Shipping Cost Rant!


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Nov 9, 2020
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British Columbia
All: I have spent the better part of 3 years assembling little bits and bites for my 300 drop top, and have noticed something that is applicable to many of the vendors on E Bay and other parts sites. Shipping costs are getting mercenary! Or: Is the actual cost of the item and the profit is being rolled into shipping costs? I was just going to order a tiny plastic part (repop) that I need. Cost of the 2 items is $9.00 US. Now this part is about the size of my fingernail and about the same weight and the estimated shipping cost is $41.50 US! The delivery date for this item is almost 2 months! Now I know shipping to the wilds of British Columbia can be more expensive, but this is not Venezuela or Zimbabwe, it's Canada for darn sake.
An example. I shipped two beautiful sun visors to a member here a couple of months ago, through Canada Priority post from BC to California. Properly packaged, and insured and weighed 5 lbs. Cost to me for shipping was less than the above noted item and it arrived in Cali in 7 days. I know the US Postal service has been the butt of some comments on this forum, but is there that big of a difference?
I am also seeing vendors ship their products in huge boxes that are completely unnecessary. My little packet of rubber trunk grommets (8 in total) showed up in a box I could have put a power brake booster in plus room for the master cylinder! What gives?
How about a 5 inch x 8 inch padded envelope with a stamp on it? Rant over! Cam Shaft
It is sometimes marketing. If you shop by price, you'll buy the cheapest. I don't shop ebay much, but if I recall correctly you can sort by price+ shipping. That's your real price.
Can you message the seller to discuss this cost and maybe find an alternative?

Could it be that’s it’s being shipped form overseas, china perhaps?

Could the $41.50 be for overnight delivery?

Maybe post here what you are buying and see if someone knows of an alternative seller.

Maybe message eBay with your concerns/complaints. Absolutely normal reaction to this situation.

Lastly I understand that there is a Big Mopar Parts supplier based in Canada, though I’m not sure of the name, could they have what you need or order it for you and mail it to you? That may be a long shot.

That shipping rate is outrageous.
The $41.50 may be a PITA adder fee.

Shipping to Canada involves a trip to the post office, with forms to fill out, lines to stand in, grumpy post office employees (although my local PO is pretty good) and all that. Posting to a US address for an eBay seller means printing out a shipping label and either leaving it in the box out front or dropping in a mail box. Either way, it's easier to ship domestic and a PITA to ship internationally.

While my time isn't that valuable since I'm retired. When I was working and shipped a few things internationally, it meant that I had to make the stars align to be at the post office during their open hours. My local PO closes for lunch so it was even tougher.
The USPS is trying to make up for when items are sent a round about way. I ordered cigars from a store 41 miles from my home, the route they took covered 326 miles and handled at 6 facilities.
In answer to all the replies above, I did attempt to contact the Seller to see if another method was available, no reply. This part is manufactured and shipped from the south east US. It was not overnight delivery, estimate was 4 to 6 weeks. Our Canadian parts seller does not have this piece, and to be fair, I would rather not identify the part or the Seller as they may be a member here. John, I understand your sentiments, I am semi retired also, so no big deal for me to go the post office 6 blocks away, stand in line for 10 minutes, weigh and measure the parcel and they print the shipping label and it's gone. Usually 20 minutes or so. Together, the two pieces I want are smaller and weigh less than a small trunk grommet. Same material too! With bigger items, I will have them shipped to a relative who is just across the line, then pick them up when we get together for dinner or something, so maybe I will try that, or send the Seller a Self addressed stamped envelope! C Shaft
Bigger boxes for tiny items is usually to help keep the package from getting misplaced & lost by a carrier.
It fits in the truck better and thousands of boxes the same size are much cheaper to buy that dozens of different sizes in lower quantities.
@Camshaft, I just did a quick ship quote, and an 8oz first class international package to BC is about $15USD. I don’t know what city you are in, I picked Altona, but I didn’t think it will make a difference. Delivey time shows 6-10 days, but could vary based on city. Hope that helps.
I ordered a part for my w-250 and this is the box it came in.

This is not a new situation but is always frustrating. You are correct in assuming many online sellers jack up shipping rates just to add profit but unfortunately the base rates also keep going up. This is especially true for out of the US shipping. A lot of shippers automatically use expedited shipping such as Priority Mail when cheaper choices are available and you should challenge them on this prior to purchase, many will offer an alternative. Anyone who buys online often should be aware of what the latest USPS rates are in order to spot unfair add-ons, I can tell you the rates have changed three times in past year.
Strange. Via the global shipping program from ebay, a complete hitch kit for my Newport (original from the 70s) cost me around 70 USD air-freight - i had in on my doorstep in Poland, from Kentucky in 7 days.

Shipping via air, from Chicago to Poland, for say an alternator and other small bits like spark plugs, filters, i pay around 50 USD.
Na Zdrowie ;]

Yes the eBay GSP makes it possible to send things just about anywhere without problem.