Show off your Formal!

Tired of hearing about the derby BS......pushing the thread along.

As did I... If anybody wants, I can show more pics of that SLB NYB or a couple of other formals I have had over the years...

Just no Derby talking, please. Make a new thread on that or something.
Stop it! Almost every thread on this site takes a turn.....we're all grown men, some more than others
Beautiful cars! Not knowing much about formals (and relatively new to C bodies), were all the 4-doors pilarless? Sure is a sexy look. And agreed...I think the 4-door formals look the best! Keep the pics coming. F the derby jamokes! It was said my fusie was slated for derby action as well before the previous owner "rescued" it. For chrissakes!
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Someone asked a picture of a nice formal, so here's one... I don't have it anymore, but sure would like to have another Starlight Blue NYB like it:
Here is mine... fury :)

That's a sharp looking 78!
Newports had 4 dr sedans in their lineup.

So did New Yorker until 1975. Speaking of New Yorkers...where are the fender scripts for your car? Or are you in the midst of finishing things up after the sweet paint job?

I was impatient. LOL.
Scripts and wheel opening trim plus painting underneath the seam black under the rocker panel.
I'm not puting the metal factory edge guards back on, though.
Nice car commando, is the paint all factory? Watch the forums here in the next couple weeks. I picked up another parts car for my 74 Imperial. This one had an engine fire but still has a ton of usable parts I'm going to part out to recoup some of the cost.