side rear windows question


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Jun 22, 2019
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Must have been discussed but can't find info. 77 New Yorker Brougham rear windows have never gone down since i owned the car. Recently took apart drivers door window switch panel, cleaned all connections and reinstalled... Hey now all 4 doors lock through the power switch! Now i can hear the motors in the rear doors click when i ask the switch to lower windows so i know they are getting power some how. Could this be bad motors? Anyone else have this problem?

Side note, info on properly taking off door panel to access window motor would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Nick
Sounds like they've been in this condition a while. The grease that lubricated the tracks can dry out over the years and leave things "stuck". Only solution is to open it up and inspect it to see what's going on.

If it is the old petrified grease problem, then you can clean/ re-grease.

To remove door panels: I find it best to peek around and find the clips so you know where to pry.

Step 1- Remove lock plunger, gently pry off woodgrain covers to the door pull, then unscrew/ remove door pull.
Step 2- Pry Upper door panel gently away from the door at the corners...the clips live about an inch in on both sides.

Now for the lower door panel
Step 3- Remove door latch cover. 2x 7/16 bolts, and switch panel (pop the ashtray cover and you'll see the screws)
Step 4- Remove 2 large Phillips screws at top of lower door panel (they were hidden by the upper panel)
Step 5- Gently pry lower door panel away from door. It will now be dangling from the wires to the light (pink and yellow wires). Unplug that pigtail.

Now that the panels are removed, you should see old clear plastic adhered to the metal. Gently'll need to replace it after. If it is duck taped or something like that, you'll know somebody's been into the door before. They were originally held on with spray glue.

Best of luck.