Steering Column Question


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Aug 12, 2013
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Baltimore, MD
I have my steering column out, so I'm going to re-pack the lower coupling and I was thinking about prepping removing and painting the floor plate so it won't be rusty anymore. I was also thinking that I might as well replace the lower steering column bearing.

I've been reading on pages 19-34-37 of the '67 shop manual. For the disassembly instructions it doesn't mention the "collar," "spring," or the "support and bearing." It is mentioned during the assembly instructions though. I'm assuming once the inner tube is released from the steering wheel side, it will all slide out from the bottom, and that is the only way to access the lower bearing?

Trying to source the lower bearing has been difficult. I did read Lower Steering Column Bearing - 68 Sport Fury and I see mention of the two options I have found; a two screw and 3 screw option. I do not see any screws on mine, nor do I see mention of removing screws from the lower bearing in the shop manual.

If the only way to access the lower bearing is to remove the whole tube, I see on page 19-34 where it says to "bend operating lever right or left to remove from gearshift tube. Lever cannot be reused." Where would I get a new lever for the "backup lamp switch and operating lever?"

I'm almost wondering if the juice is worth the squeeze on this one. I might just wire brush/wire wheel everything from the floor plate down, spray some paint on it, repack the coupler, and call it a day.