Tailgate window switch (dash and door) and glass direction ?


Sep 26, 2021
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Pau (France)
Hi, all,
I know the title might sound strange but I don't really know how to describe it! And besides, I don't speak English very well.
Since i 've the car i think that ther's a wrong polarity somewhere in the wiring but as i haven't another C body wagon to check I have to ask the questions here.
- on dash when I push the switch up the tailgate window goes down. When i push down the window goes up. It is not very logical...
- on tailgate door when i turn the lock to the left (counterclockwise) the window goes down. When i turn clockwise no movement, i know the switch is shot :-( , but it's obvious that the window will go up...
What do you think of these results ? About dash switch i think it's wrong but for the door lock i don't know.

Problem is that the wiring seems correct, the wires, connectors or plugs are original in the tailgate. I've not take a look at the dash or between dash and tailgate (in the left rear panel)
Its definitely doing the opposite of what it should be doing but before changing the switch or doing anything else try adjusting the solenoid up or down and find out if the switch is definitely no good.
Could it be as simple as your dash switch has been installed upside down?
On the switch he tailgate...see if you can get some WD40 inside of it. It just may clean the contacts enough to get it going, for now.
Could it be as simple as your dash switch has been installed upside down?
Maybe ? But i'm not sure it can be installed upside down. And it's why i give the direction when i use the lock on the tailgate: counterclockwise = down. "old man utah" says it's wrong.
About switch i've bought one on Ebay. I put some electric cleaner inside with no results.
The service manual isn't all that clear on removing the tailgate. Looks like after removing the bumper you unbolt the upper hinge plate from the body of the car, then unbolt the lower hinge. The tailgate would have to be open to access the upper, and it's probably in the closed position when you do the lower. Not sure if you need to unload the torsion bar before removing the gate.

Once in a while you will come across an electric motor that just decides that it wants to run backwards. If your dash switch is installed correctly, just reverse the wires in the connector at the motor.

There's probably a Master Tech video all about working on the two way tailgates when they were introduced in 1969, but a search came up with just this one on power windows and locks. There might be something in here that could help.

Last week I'm working on the tailgate, electrical side. I fixed the window/lock key switch, it only worked one way (down). The first, bought NOS on Ebay, did not work at all ! No contact at rest, neither to the right nor to the left. Probably oxidized inside. It's not removable so I lost $80 (it's expensive for overseas with shipping and taxes). I ordered another one asking the seller to check if the connections were OK, rest, left, right. He checked, being sure of himself, and indeed switch is OK. Now I can lower or raise the window. When I turn the key to the right (clockwise), I unlock then I lower the window, the opposite to the left.
If you have a switch problem I recommend having the seller check it, just because it's NOS doesn't mean it works! Here is the logic of operation, all you need is a multimeter.