The 1972 Chrysler Thread

It looks like a non-stereo am/fm search tune radio rather than stereo. Wind up windows and a non-working Autotemp II system. I just hope the driver caught the car overheating from lack of coolant in time when that servo failed probably at least twice in the wagon's past.

Nice low miles example though and it is good that the body seems to be mostly rust free despite the Florida existence although the underside does have a lot of at least surface rust. 1972 was also the first year of the cloth headliner for these wagons rather than the nasty perforated hardboard that didn't hold up well at all over time and exposure to heat.

The market is indeed going up on these models, especially ones that have an original nice body on them and low miles.
Hi Michel,

the first two 72 New Yorkers are the same car.
It was an all original unrestored car when it came to Germany back in 1993. You might find pics with a "DU" plate, too. Went to "PI" and then "KLE". It was for sale lately but I don't know if it sold

What is the proper name for that Color blue?
It looks like the color of my folks royal monaco back in the day. Love that color
Welcome @Great White of Cali! Your beautiful EW1 Newport Royal sedan was previously owned by @YTB79 -- see here for a thread with links that may provide you some history about your car.

I have never seen a photo of your car's engine bay or of its fender tag, so it would be great if you would post them here as there was a question as to whether your car has a 400 or a 440. Thank you in advance :)
So according to the VIN this car has a 400 engine. After requesting a vehicle history report, getting a brake and light inspection and multiple visits to the 3 hour waiting lines at the DMV I was finally able to register this car here in California. All worth it though.
I own 2 1972 Chryslers. One is a Newport that was bought new by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Still in great shape. Someone added a white vinyl top but otherwise its original. There are a couple threads on this site about it. Search e99 d99 Newport.

The second is a 72 town and country. Its a little rough but it runs. Its loaded with most options, even a vinyl top.
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CL41T2C134782 is being flipped again...
1972 Chrysler Newport Royal Sedan - $12,000 - O'Fallon, Missouri
FB Description

72 Chrysler Newport royal orginal paint interior top. All paperwork big block 440 runs like a champ p/s p/b am fm radio automatic I would drive this car anywhere no issues no rust all original 12000 or best offer call if you have any questions [hidden information] three

New member here, this is what I brought to work today (old picture from when I bought it). Been enjoying it for 5 years already.

Town & Country.png

I don't remember ever seeing the bottom left optional wheel. If any 1972 owner has, I would love to see a photo.

View attachment 492472

If I recall correctly, I believe that @saforwardlook 's former '72 or '73 Monaco had these wheel covers.

EDIT: And this '73 triple pickle that was on MJC Classic Cars / Lakeland Lash's ebay a few years ago...

73 Chrysler Lakeland.jpg
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While chatting with @SPS I noticed that I never posted a late-build 1972 Newport Custom, CL23M2C306347

That car was for sale on Copart in Boise, ID back in June 2016 (well before I started the present thread). The pictures have disappeared from the site, but here they are for records. I do not know the current whereabouts of this Chrysler -- perhaps someone does?










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