The 66 New Yorker is finally back prowling the streets!

Thank you! I know they might be a polarizing option to some purists and I get that. I wanted a little bit of a custom look and they are pretty close to matching the translucent green of the steering wheel. The powder coat color is called Illusion Money. I think they turned out neat.
Cool to see the car is back and rolling down the roads.:thumbsup:

Maybe a set of baby moons and thin trim rings would really make it pop?:rolleyes:
It’s supposed to rain the next couple days here in Oregon so she got parked back in the barn for the next couple days until it dries out again.



No, the barn was already on the property prior to buying it. We have just updated the roof and siding to hopefully extend its life span another 50 plus years.
Nice car! Love the color choice on the wheels. Had my blue 65 New Yorker out last night running around. Look forward to seeing more of yours!
Love your car. Same color as my -66 NY and I have the same green interior on my car, but front seat more worn in driver position. Looking for the correct fabric to replace.