For Sale the nicest 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst left on the planet.

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Mar 10, 2011
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1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst Rotesserie Restored

1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst Rotesserie Restored - $38500 (New Haven)
Chrysler 300 Hurst. Probably the nicest 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst left on the planet. Rotisserie done, numbers matching, brand new legendary leather interior. All mechanicals on this car have been rebuilt. Aftermarket air added. Fully documented from day 1 with original broadcast sheet, original fender tag, original bill of sale from a Canadian dealer with vin number on it. 2 phone books thick of documentation. License plates from many states this car went to, possibly the only one sold new in Canada per documentation. A must have for any serious mopar collector. Documentation is on real Chrysler letterhead from March 15, 1973. Records show 485 were built and 1 was shipped to Canada per the documentation. Car drives and rides like a brand new car. More pictures are available upon request. Please phone calls only, no text or email. Serious inquiries only. 5866155343
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Nice!!! The only negative to me is the hang on air. These are expensive to restore. He could have double his asking price into it. That asks the question why restore to sell at such a loss?
Despite the recent auction results, at least to me, options matter as a factor in getting the highest price, not only the quality of the restoration, which in this case does appear to be well done. When you look at the brackets for the add on a/c and the under dash provision for it, it really affects things.
This 300/H #927 is a known car. It spent some time in the PNW, before moving east. It was known as the "Stripper Hurst", as it is/was a very low optioned car. Being a non-air conditioned car was a plus, (depending on what options you like). The non-original A/C system, simply doesn't add value, and may actually hurt value. It's not original, and will always look "goofy", or out of place in the car.

There are other details on the car that are not correct, mostly the incorrect color of plating on fasteners, brackets, exhaust hangers, silver foil heat tube,....then the A/C, not really a huge issues, but I would expect them to be correct if this 300/H is the "nicest on the planet". There is a nicer 300/H on/in planet Wisconsin.

Still, a very nice car. I'm sure someone will be happy to own it.
I didn't know one could be had without A/C? To my knowledge it could not! Personally I'd need some serious documentation on this one before I'd believe it left the factory that way. I know there were three crank window Hurst's of the 485 and all 482 remaining were power windows Hurst's including the Linda Vaughn only legitimate Convertible. After the first three off the line they realized you were scuffing your knuckles on the seat cushions moving the door glass up and down. I know there were also two sun roof Hurst's, Four different steering wheels were mounted in the Hurst Cars, Two different sizes of marker lights. And several dozen times more column shift Hurst's then Console shift Hurst's. Mine fell into the column shift group with small marker lights that I owned from '85 to '99. lol, Jer
Jerry, A/C was an option on the 70 300/H. Although most 300/H's built had this option, not all did.

Here is the factory standard equipment list for the 70 300/H. (from

Notice that there are no exhaust tips listed as standard either. If you wanted Sport Fury GT tips, you had to know what they were,...then and then ask the dealer to order them for you, and then be installed at the dealership.
Hurst order sheet.jpg
That was this car before the resto. Notice the dealer added air. This car is gorgeous in person believe me, pictures do not do it justice. If you don’t like the a/c remove it. It was added in 1970 by the dealer. So it was restored keeping that in mind
That hurst that just sold at mecum couldn’t hold a candle to this restoration wise, that’s the bottom line. Options are a different story.
And there this is question as to whether or not there should be body color paint on the inside of the quarter panels and whether should be the typical C Body speckle paint on the inside of the quarter panels and other areas.
Easy fixes gentlemen. You could never do this car for 38,500 and you know it. Plus original sales documents, broadcast sheet, matching numbers. Hell the seat covers from legendary are 3200
Most Canadian Hursts were ordered without AC. This car is Canadian.
And if it's the Mopar Factory Authorized A.C. for Mopar dealer new car installations, it's technically correct.
If it's a Sears unit... Well, you'll still like it on hot days.
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