Vinyl Roof Material Sources


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Dec 6, 2013
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San Diego
So my question about why roofs rust under vinyl was mostly general, since I'm getting my car painted, and the roof is going to be prepped and painted properly, but it was on my mind.

However, I've changed my mind and I'm not going to have the top material sourced in Mexico. The first source I thought of was SMS fabrics, because they have the original material. They also have the later "alligator skin" material, which I kinda like. But if I go with stock appearance, is SMS the best source?

Any other recommendations for material?
Check with Penn Industries in Oklahoma City, OK. They just made a top for a C Body car we are restoring and is looks perfect. It was also only 120 including shipping. I believe they were also an original supplier to Chrysler back in the day and the owner really knows his stuff as far as what is correct and what is not. I believe their number is 405-232-8545.
Good responses thank you. I got pressured from my guy to make up my mind. I'll see what I can get in time