Want to add power steering to my C body


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Nov 26, 2023
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I started restoring my 1967 Fury III 4-door hardtop. However, it didn't come with power steering, and I would like to add power steering if possible. I'm wondering if anyone knows about any power steering systems I could install, and what exactly I need to make that happen. Maybe some aftermarket stuff that might work, or if anyone has any links to refurbished stuff.

This will be the first time I add power steering to a vehicle that didn't come with it, so I guess I'm a beginner in this regard.

Thanks to all in advance!
You can convert your manual PS by buying a new pump, brackets, belts, pullies, steering box, and pitman arm.
FSM and parts book is absolutely a necessity in my opinion.
You can convert your manual PS by buying a new pump, brackets, belts, pullies, steering box, and pitman arm.
FSM and parts book is absolutely a necessity in my opinion.
Any idea where I can pick up parts? Anything new aftermarket? Or maybe rebuilt?
Borgeson might have a kit? Gearboxes from Firm Feel or Steer & Gear? Different lower steering column parts? Pumps and brackets from Mancini?
Pumps and boxes should be relatively easy, but brackets, hoses and linkage are a different story. This world of cars, you must have a factory service manual (FSM) and a parts book. Nearly everything needs to be searched by part number. I would wager that none of the brackets and hoses fit any other Mopar body. They might float from year to year for Furys, but I doubt if they fit Barracudas and the like. It's not impossible, but it wont be easy.
Good luck
Mostly a parts car swap. I have done a few for customers B and E bodies, very rare to hear of a C body needing power steering.
He's in Canada - why not call Nigel at National Moparts? Wouldn't that be the Canadian version of Murray Park?
If I were doing this, I would consider some new parts rather than used parts. The used stuff for our cars is old and worn, that's just the facts.

I would source a Firm Feel rebuilt steering box, your choice of "stages" and they sell the steering arm you'll need. Then instead of looking for a '67 power steering pump, I'd source a new (or rebuilt) Saginaw pump. They have a better mounting system and I think the pump is better. Lot's of places sell the brackets and pumps. I don't know if it's a small or big block, so I didn't look for a link. Even if you didn't buy a rebuilt steering box, that Saginaw pump would be the way to go.

The column will still have to be a used piece, but I don't think that's going to be that hard to find.

This isn't the cheapest way to do it, but it should be good right out of the box rather than finding the used steering box you found is loose and needs to be rebuilt or that used pump is leaking all over the driveway.

Greetings, just signed up to this forum so I could reply to member Rosetti. Admittedly I look almost everyday to see what's new on this forum, it is an excellent source for information. Rosetti, I'm not sure where you're located in Canada, but I'm in Newmarket, Ontario. I'm also in the process of restoring a 67 Fury III, albeit a two door. My intention is to create a sort of retro racer, which may include switching out the power steering unit with a manual steering pump. That being said, I might have some parts such as the pitman arm, steering column shaft, etc., that I'd be willing to swap with you for your manual steering dedicated parts. I've managed to get a few thing I need already from National Moparts, (excellent group of guys), but I figure this could be an opportunity that works out for both of us. Regard, Michael.
Oh, I should have added. Car is an original black plated California car, everything is ridiculously clean. Regards, Michael.