WANTED Wanted: 1969-1973 Chrysler Imperial or New Yorker

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Jan 6, 2023
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Southwest Florida
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Hello everyone, I'm trying to find a Imperial or New Yorker Fuselage for sale. Has to be around the 5g-10g dollar mark, and presentable with A/C. Preferably I would love to have a blue or green car, but I'd entertain a brown and white car too, oh and no convertibles please (need a solid rust free hardtop/sedan or coupe). I'd also consider a out of state car (but nothing from Alaska or Canada of course), have a nice day.
Murray Park has a '72 New Yorker that I think would fit your criteria. You can contact him through his website to get more details: Murray B. Park - Used and NOS Parts for Chrysler, Imperial, Dodge, Desoto, and Plymouth
Looks like a solid car, will look into it potentially if he's not too far away from me

Looking to restore or a finished car?
Definitely a finished car. I'm in a position where I don't have the time to mess around repairing major items like rust, paint, or rebuilding the engine. I just want something that I can comfortably cruise around town in and be able to drive it a couple times in any given week.
If you are indeed looking for a turn key car that doesn't need paint, interior or any rust repair then your price range is too low to get one IMO. Even a 4 door. But maybe you will get lucky........................
i'be got this 69 nyr ht its been under a tree some 30 years . its got rust in the top rear window and floors its a untouched car we got it from the original purchaser .










No Reserve: 1973 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham 4-Door Hardtop

This was listed I believe recently, on Bring a Trailer. Does anyone here have any thoughts or warnings about this Example? From what I can see currently it has a cracked front windshield, some surface rust kind of all over the body in some small places, and one of the high beam headlights are chipped.

Edit: Would be looking to get this as a daily driver possibly, thanks in advance.
Here are a couple pics from my computer.I am having a hardtime uploading pics to this site for some reason. If your interested I can send some more through email later. The heads have been rebuilt,its got an aluminum radiator.I just had the trans rebuilt,new brakes and fuel tank,newer tires. The main problems with it is it has a power steering leak and some of the guages dont work.I have most of the parts to fix the guages.I can get into more details later if you want. I want $7000.00 for it .


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