Weird Electrical issue


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Jun 12, 2022
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Buckeye, AZ
My 1964 Chrysler 300 has an issue. When the lights are Off, the left rear brake & turn signal do not work. The right turn signal and break light work normally. When I turn On the lights, the left turn signal and brake light work ok. With the lights On, the right turn signal still works and so does the brake light. However, the turn indicator on the dash no longer works, rather the high beam indicator now flashes in place of the right turn indicator. Is this a turn signal switch in the steering column or fuse box issue or other? Any ideas would be appreciated.
Thanks, Chuck
Check the ground to the LR tail light assembly, it is probably corroded either inside of the lamp socket or the mount of the assembly to the body. Start by hooking a temp ground with some alligator clips to the tail light assembly. If that does not help, pull the bulb from the lamp socket and clean the bulb and the socket.