Welcome Kip Gardiner to FCBO!

Kip Gardiner

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Jul 17, 2017
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hi all, I own three 78 New Yorkers (one is a parts car), one 88 Fifth Ave and a few Chrysler boats. My friend Stan Paralakis recommended trying out this forum and since I'm a refugee from some other Chrysler sites, I thought I'd give it a try.


Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
:thumbsup::welcome::usflag:. You are most welcome here.

Oops wrong flag!!:canada:
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My friend Stan
Guys, please don't hold that against him. :p

I've known Kip for many years and he is also a friend of Mr C.
Kip really knows his stuff about NYB's and is not afraid to tackle the hard stuff.
Ask him about his GearVendors OD in his gorgeous 78 Salon.

Welcome aboard, Kip.
Welcome and its about time!:poke: I've been a follower of yours on Yahoo for a long long time. I'm glad you're here and welcome from Wellsboro PA!
Welcome to the site from the Motor City!
Any friend of Stans is welcome here in spite of that...:thumbsup:
Kip Rocks! His 400 plus horsepower 78 NYB Salon with sunroof is a work of art!
This is my latest. Always wanted a Fifth Ave, now I have one. It was two years in my shop, painted it myself.