What's the funniest mod you've seen in a while???

Ufff. The fact that they named it the "Tiffany package" is enough to deter many. Who could say that with a straight face? First place my azz. Haha.
How about a Lambo door '69 Newport.
P.S. yes it's for sale in Omaha Nebraska FB
Ad says it’s gotta BIG BLOCK in it.. I think he meant its Big Block ON it.. I think it was a “Day 2” install.. lol

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Its not the wheels... this ones actually kinda cool. But I've seen some hacked a$$ squatted trucks with a lift kit that looks like it was installed by a toddler. Apparently its to clear bigger tires but keep the truck low, kinda like how the donks with the big wheels sit nose high so they can turn and clear everything else at the same time. They're common in my area and honestly anything over 6-9 inches of difference on a truck looks retarded to me.

I also seen some dude with a squatted Cadillac, but his drop kit was 800 lbs of quickcrete bags in the trunk (20 40-pound bags)
I can get behind this, its definitely unique is it bad i don't mind it as much as some other car mods?
I just don’t see the use / purpose for it. Especially in what seems to be a nice car, now if you did some crazy **** like that to a POS, I could see you doing it just for the hell of it. You certainly get some attention driving down the highway like that, even unwanted attention. Lol