Where to buy a heater core?


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Sep 29, 2023
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New Jersey
Hello everyone,

I have a 1971 Fury I with a 5.2L V8 without AC. It’s looking like I will be needing to replace the heater core in the near future. I will be bypassing the heater core for the time being but it’s becoming a PIA to locate a heater core that will fit. If anyone has an idea of a heater core that will fit, I am all ears.

Thanks again!
There is only one place where you will get the correct heater cores for your C bodies and there is an extensive discussion in this highlighted thread about this Ebay source. I am surprised that more didn't respond citing this lengthy discussion................: Search results for query: heater cores
Cooler Classics | eBay Shops

I've bought mine here but didn't installed it yet. Nearly 400$ Bucks to get it in Germany -.-
Are you saying the part was available in Germany for $400, or that buying it from the vendor I highlighted above in the U.S. plus shipping cost to Germany was that much combined? Either way, it sounds like a reasonable deal to me.......... I have shipped a lot of parts to friends in Europe and those costs alone aren't cheap.
Yes, I bought it on eBay US and got it shipped to Germany. 299€ the part with shipping, 75€ import duties (=~405$).