Heater Boxes are NOT FUN

Isaiah Estrada

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Jan 20, 2020
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Santa Maria, CA
I finally decided to take action and bring my old man along for a Saturday of work on the 68 Chrysler. Funny thing is my old man to many of you is probably old enough to be some of your sons LOL. (He was born in ‘77, me in ‘01)

Anyways, I think having him there really helped me get the ball rolling again. He is pretty handy, and he took to the heater box project I’ve had going on for way too long right away. We finished gluing in all the new insulation from the DMT kit and installing all the little doors back where they need to go. Putting it back together wasn’t fun, but im glad we are headed in the right direction now! Here’s some pictures of the progress I’ve made from this whole project. Thanks to everyone from the forum who helped / supplied me with parts I needed.

For one thing, even removing the box was a pain, because even while removing the entire dashboard to access it, there’s still a few connections to the dash and I don’t have small hands to reach up there and disconnect them easily. Still got the job done lol.



This also is a reminder to how this “Solid southern CA car” really was (not!)



Just about everything on this box was absolute trash. Thankfully the evaporator core had been left hooked up / sealed from the elements, so it was still good. The heater core was replaced with a newer unit.



A new H Valve also! Would you believe the original linkage on my box that actuates the blend door was rusted almost completely away? It nearly disintegrated when I removed it…

I’m actually having trouble with that linkage binding up, so we are going to study that another time but definitely before it goes back into the car. I really, really don’t want to deal with it again


AC Evaporator after I had it cleaned / tested. I probably will never even hook the AC back up. At least not for many years. Going to look into a nice looking cap / plumbers fitting or whatever they have that I can use to block off the connections from the firewall.
It always nice to have some good help on these projects.

That's not a heater box, that an A/C box. Much different and not much fun to work on those.
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I love father and son projects. Although, it almost hurts when someone my age is referred to as "old man". It doesn't hurt much, but just a little. : )