Where to buy reco'd booster and what rear shocks are people using? All I see listed is Air Shocks from the 80's!!!

i'm sure the deal is done, but if anybody has any further questions, this man is the king:
I have used KYB shocks on all my 1970-1971 C bodies. On my 1970 Chrysler 300, I have installed KYB Gas-a-Just KG4507 up front and KG5512 in the rear. Delighted with them, as I have been with the same ones on three 1970 Polaras and one 1971 Monaco. I have overall 15 or so thousands of miles on them.

Search the site for KYB and my handle, and you’ll find discussions, model numbers and parts sources.
You probably did not look correctly on Rockauto.
I found the KYB in 1 minute, for the 1972 Chrysler Newport.

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As others, I strongly recommend Booster Dewey.
He did it for my '58 Plymouth, and I'm sending him my '70 as well.
You probably didn't read my post correctly, I am not looking for front shocks....I was chasing REAR shocks and have now sourced them searching under Plymouth Furys, thanks anyways