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Jan 22, 2012
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Pleasant Hill, CA
This guy is a real A-hole. Just about everything one doesn't like in a seller this fellow exhibits. Got to read his content on this real 1975 Dodge Charger R/T so he says. Tons of pictures where all I see is trash but as always in the eyes of the seller. No one here is buying this thing of that I am pretty sure.

Real R/T Dodge Charger 4spd project. - cars & trucks - by owner -...
No trades of any kind.
Not interested in helping a father bond with their kid. It’s posted so it’s for sale. When it's sold I will remove the ad. Send a phone number if you want to buy it. No number, not interested in messaging or texting back and forth. I’m pretty friendly, so don’t let the text discourage you unless you are just dreaming or a window shopper. Can arrange local transport, parts location, appraisal and can fill an emergency best man position at your wedding in case stuff happens.

Yup, listing this for the last time, so if your looking for something rare, this is for you. Real Charger R/T big block, 4spd Dana 60 car. Yes, just like those ones you see at Barrett Jackson. No, it’s not a camaro. The good: it’s real, if it ran it would squeal tho tires. The body is pretty decent for how it all looked. Surprisingly, I have patch panels on a donor car for it. Rare gold on black, so of the 344 4speed made, said just a hand full in this color combo. Manual steering, manual brakes, console shift, 3spd wiper Dana 60 car with tach and more. The bad is the fender tag is gone, no broadcast sheet and the dash frame was swapped with a 1972 model. Taillights are not included.You can order a new tag, but that’s for the new owner to do. Interior is complete, but mismatched seats and cracked dash pad means your going to need get nEw pieces. Rust is limited to the lower cowl to the front floor pan (I have those repair patch panels), the lower quarters, a small spot on the back window and a small spot on the rear trunk pan and trunk brace, that’s it. Trunk-lid needs replacing. Comes with Air-grabber hood, mechanical Airgrabber parts for the hood. Replacement rear bumper and front valance. Missing engine, trans and original rear. Comes with a bill of sale at $9500. I have a pair of replacement fenders and taillights for an extra $3,000 and won’t separate, set only.
Yeah this stuff is pricy, blame others for driving up the price. I priced it so the flippers can't make money.
So that’s my offer, nobody buys this by the end of listing date, I’m just going to pull it into the shop and build a drift car out of it. Carbon fiber front and rear spoilers, bolt on some fiberglass wide body fender flares, drop in a new hemi or even the twin turbo six cylinder dodge has coming out and take it racing. Don’t care if your so angry that you decide to start drinking bud light to calm yourself, don’t care. This is my last time offering it. $9500 or $12,500 with the mentioned parts.




In my mind perhaps the biggest of its many strikes against it is the swapped out dash(If he means the whole thing). Would’ve been stunning in its day.
It is expensive... Chargers are getting $$$ these days, even for junk. I always wanted one, came close on a first gen Hemi car once, real close on a second gen 383 car and my first wife came with a run down 73 Charger that we dumped pretty fast. That was before prices went insane! I never really cared for 71 and 72 Chargers though.

This is an unusual one... The third gen were often loaded with accessories. This one must have been ordered that way. The sad thing is the purchase price will be the smallest cost in a restoration, even doing the work yourself.

Regarding the seller... Yea, kind of a jerk. My mom always said this about "difficult" people. "At the end of the day, you don't go home with them" and I learned from business to put personalities and emotions aside when it comes to spending money. So the guy isn't gonna come over for beers with you on the weekends... But who cares? Is the car what you want and at the price you are willing to pay? Given the choice of buying the same car from a nice guy and from a jerk, choose the nice guy... But if the nice guy doesn't have what you want... You get the picture. As people used to say "I hate Frank Mitchell, but he had the parts"
:rofl: A 75? Sure buddy! And a Dana?
No hose but still on the trailer, first sign of a flipper.