Wire terminal crimping lessons

I feel your pain about the crimpers, I have a pair for the smaller Delphi open connectors, but the Packard 56 terminals that HWYCRZR posted, we had trouble with even with Matco crimpers similar to what was pictured. The jaws are also interchangeable
After trying two or three pairs of the very basic crimpers w/o interchange, I realized, and found here, that I needed the better replaceable heads that have the double crimp steps for both sides of the open terminal....wire and insulation. I got the WireFy that I am pretty happy with. However, they work much better on the larger wire sizes for these types of crimps. For the small, for me that means in the range of 18 ga, I have to follow up with a second crimp with the other basic type that I got from Painless. That will close the fitting completely, and ensure I have both well grabbed. On the 12-16 ga, it seems a single crimp works fine and looks great. Interesting that at my age I can still learn something every day. I had struggled with this for quite a while when planning to rebuild connectors. Talked with lots of friends who have also done lots of auto work for long time. I could not find good websites or videos early on until I started here. Thanks for all the great input....very helpful folks.