Wire Terminal Disaster


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Sep 25, 2022
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I had to install a new wire harness in my RoadKill, as there were a couple large remnants of fire with the copper strands black and open, and many examples of use of home wire nutz, and a lot more. Some of this I blame on the old mopar plastic firewall connector that was bypassed. But, in my work on this beastie, I had always loved the NAPA loop terminals that were crimp/solder/seal.....love em but could no longer find them at my store. So, a lot of attempts to find some good ones esp for the No 10 studs as on the coil, and the gauges, and more. So, several months back, the engine just quit and I fould one of my terminals on the new wire on the coil that was totally cracked open, done with one pinch of the pliers for this type.....closed end with shrink tube on it. Well, so now, my fairly new pressure gauge quit, and after problems on the temp gauge, I assumed sensor or gauge. And, kudos to Stewart Warner for a good tech guy who gave me the correct resistance for the sender and hints to check the gauge.....both of which were fine. Hmmm First check of the sender wire finds no signal....hmmm. Could see one end at the gauge was good, but had to cut off the sender terminal, and crap, it was completely broken in half.....again. Beware of the type of terminals you select, and my guess is to try to get coated copper. These that broke were steel only....and poorly hardened.

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It would appear you are correct. I have tried to solder the larger terminals, but not the small ones....and I cant help but wonder how many more will bite me.
my local NAPA has a whole rotating display rack of Grote brand wiring stuff including decent uninsulated terminals in bulk...of course NAPA's website is worthless to try to find them...i also found repop fusebox terminals from AMS obsolete that were steel and they broke the same way when trying to crimp them... half the box used crimp ons, the other half had male spade terminals...so used the male spade style on the rest
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