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    Recommendation of a manufacurer for a 3.23 gear set

    I hav a 66 300 vert with a 440 TNT engine, 727 trans. and 3.23 gear set with 135,000 miles. At 35mph I begin to get a whine out of the rear end. The faster I go, the louder the whine. Take my foot off the gas, the whine stops, No whine when reducing the speed. I described the problem to an on...
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    1966 Chrysler 300 Glass Fuzes

    The area in the garage that the car is in, is 20 ft. long and 8ft. wide. This is a 10 lbs. stuffed into a 5 lb. bag situation. The left side of the car is 12 inches from the garage wall. I can't get the left door open enough to get to the fuze box. The car isn't driveable at the moment. I...
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    66-300 440 engine fails to start or even turn over.

    I tried to start my 66-300 440 TNT engine. The engine has not been run in six months. Never had a problem with it starting before. About 3 months ago , I put a Genius 2 battery tender on it. The battery shows to be fully charged with 13.5 Volts. I checked the oil before trying to start it...
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    !966 300 vert. Electric Bucket Seats

    Two questions. Does anyone have pictures of how the plastic trim around the bottom of the seat is installed around the base of the seat? Does anyone have pictures of how the seat belt retracting unit fits into the top of the seat belt plastic housing and how the housing is installed in the...
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    66-300 Window Adjustment

    I attached a picture of my 66-300. Just got it back from the paint shop. Look at the gap at the bottom of the front and rear window. Does anyone know how to adjust the windows to close that gap? Any suggestions would be appreciated. The shop manual tells you how to adjust for in and out . It...
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    Carpet Source Recommendation

    Many thanks for all of your inputs. I just spoke with the Service Dept. at the ACC factory in Aniston, AL. They do not make a carpet set for 66-300 convertible. Looks like I will have to get one custom made from a local Auto Upholstery shop. There are two pieces in the carpet set, front and...
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    Carpet Source Recommendation

    Working on a 66-300 convertible with electric bucket seats, and console. Anyone have a recommendation for a carpet source?
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    66-300 Vert Right side rear quarter window adjustment

    Been trying to close the gap between the bottom of the front edge of the quarter window and the back edge of the front window. I have the shop manual and have been following the convertible quarter window adjustment instructions on page 23-41. #4 is very informative. "To move the window in...
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    66-300 Mopar Model 366 AM-FM Radio

    Many thanks for your input! You have saved me a lot of time, aggravation, and mostly money, if I would have damaged the radio with the wrong speakers.
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    66-300 Mopar Model 366 AM-FM Radio

    Working on a 66-300. I want to install an AM-FM radio. Both speakers are toast. They are rusted so badly I can't get any information off them as to manufacturer and or model number. Can anyone give me a recommendation on speakers for this application?
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    Refinishing Disc Brake Wheel covers

    Two questions.... 1. What kind of grease did you use? 2. How did you apply the grease? Thanks for your help! Tom
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    Refinishing Disc Brake Wheel covers

    Just starting to redo the wheel covers for my 66-300. How did you do the plastics inserts? What paint did you use? How did you remove the existing paint from the plastic inserts? Tom
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    66-300 Disc brake upgrade to a Dual Master Cylinder system

    Appreciate your advice. What "T" block did you buy from Inline Tube ? My car came with factory disc brakes. I'm planning to use the factory booster, new 67 dual master, new 67 brake lines and the original factory proportioning valve. Your thoughts?
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    66-300 Disc brake upgrade to a Dual Master Cylinder system

    Working on a 66-300 with front disc brakes. Want to upgrade the brake system to a dual master cylinder. Bought a 67-300 dual master cylinder. Went to In-Line Tube to upgrade to ready made S.S. tubing. They offer brake line sets for manual and power drum brakes but nothing for disc brakes. The...
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    For Sale 1966 Chrysler 300 Convertible

    What engine was in it? Any interior photos? Where is it located. Any pictures of the bottom?
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    Console finally installed

    The top of the console looks new. Did you restore it yourself or have someone do it for you? If you had someone else do it, please give me the name of the person or company and how to contact them. I have one that needs to be refinished. It really looks good!
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    For Sale 66 dodge polara

    4 piston disc brake assembly....Are these Budd Disc Brakes? How many miles on the car? I am specifically looking for the lower left and right side ball joints.