Miss Iggy Gets All Dolled Up For A Labor Day Weekend Photoshoot

  • iggy 1.jpg iggy2.jpg iggy3.jpg iggy 4.jpg iggy5.jpg iggy6.jpg iggy7.jpg iggy8.jpg iggy9.jpg iggy10.jpg
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  1. Henrius
    The thing I like about Imperials is they kept the vent windows when all the other models had dropped them. Small thing perhaps, but I really like the ventilation they provided. I could go longer without turning on the A/C.

    Wonder what your best highway mileage is with these behemoths? Best I ever got on my 72 Newport was 14mpg.
    1. DocMcNeedy
      I probably visit the pumps every other day with one of the Imperials in good weather months. I have not calculated the mpg personally...12-14 sounds about right.
      DocMcNeedy, Sep 18, 2019
  2. Fast Eddie B
    Hard to imagine a time when these roamed the earth. A work of art now.
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    1. DocMcNeedy
      I'm so hooked on them...I can't look at another model the same way.
      DocMcNeedy, Sep 12, 2019
  3. JC68vert300
    Beautiful. It would be cool to see a picture of all your Imperials lined up in one photo.
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    1. DocMcNeedy
      I'm working on that task...six at once might be the max this year with two maybe in shop at the time of a photo op and before the snow flakes drop.
      DocMcNeedy, Sep 5, 2019
  4. SportFury70
    Beautiful car. Nice pictures too. Thanks for sharing. Seems like you did this with the white Imp too. Oh wait.
    1. DocMcNeedy
      Did it with a couple of them. I like the backdrop. Thanks for the nice comments.
      DocMcNeedy, Sep 3, 2019
  5. ayilar
    Doctor, doctor, what did you do to my incisors? Seriously, beautiful car!
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