‘68 300 Convertible ‘Cousin’

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Jun 24, 2017
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Met a really cool retired guy at a car show a couple of weeks ago. His name is Rex and he was selling some parts to a ‘68 300 (which is what I drive). Turns out he has a very nicely restored ‘68 300 convertible too. And he only lives about 20 miles from me.

We talked about a lot of things, but we spent a lot of time talking about the shirts me and my daughter were wearing. A while back she created this great design of our ‘68 300 grill and we printed it onto some shirts ("1968 Chrysler" T-shirt by Mochrie | Redbubble). Rex liked the shirt so much he bought one which my daughter makes a few bucks from each sale (pretty cool way for a 15 year old to make some dough)

Rex and I stayed connected and decided to go for a little cruise earlier today. Woke the kids up early so we could enjoy the cool morning. We cruised near his place and went to an awesome little breakfast spot at the apron of a small airport. We had some great food, great conversations, all with the backdrop of small planes coming and going.

In the 25+ years I have had this car, I have never had the privilege of parking alongside another. It was kind of like finding a long lost cousin!
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This is Rex and his awesome 300 (and cool shirt designed by my daughter)