1966 Fury III Wagon Fender Tag & Broadcast Sheet Decode


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Nov 10, 2022
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Graham, TX
Looking for help to decode the fender tag on my 66 Fury III wagon. It appears all original, with 93,xxx miles (don't think it has rolled over based on condition), 383 2 bbl, 727, 3.23 (open), factory PS, PB, AC, 2 bench seats, electric rear window. I think it has the optional towing package based off of the radiator, front sway bar, and drum brake size.

Got it a few months ago and getting it roadworthy. Hasn't been on the road much in the last two decades.



I bet it was sold at Fulton Motors in Roanoke. Now Berglund Dodge. I work with a guy who's first job was there in the sixties.
Fender tag tells us:
roof rack
upper door frame mouldings
LH remote mirror
it was an ordered car
383 2 bbl
727 automatic
26” radiator
power tailgate wondow
AMradio 2 watt
Air cond

The certicard tells us it did not have a sure grip.
the 26” radiator would be there for the A/C.

many times a wagon gets a sway bar and larger brakes for the extra weight and hauling capacity.
413, thank you. Which code denotes the roof rack?

Is there a code for the optional towing package, or would that not show up on the tag? I.e. how do I know if I have the tow package vs just the sway bar, larger brakes, and 26" radiator? There is a hitch, but I don't know if it is factory or dealer or sometime after the car was delivered to the owner.
d3 is roof rack, I posted them in the order on the tag

I’m not sure of the towing code or if it would be on the fender tag. The fender tag is for holes in the body, and all the holes get made before it is painted. If a car had no AC then tow package would add the bigger radiator opening so that would need to be on the tag.

Oddly enough the trailer towing package didn’t include a trailer hitch. I don’t know why. Liability? too many hitch choices?

The trailer package had things like cooling, brakes and suspension upgrades. Just the things you are asking about.

Next look in under the seats for a broadcast sheet. That will tell more.
I found the broadcast sheet last night! I was very excited to find it. Was taped to the fwd face (outside) of the glovebox. It was quite brittle and is partially swiss-cheesed, by mice, I'm guessing. With great care I aligned the individual pieces and taped them together. I wanted to laminate it to preserve it. When I went to laminate, the laminator jammed up and I thought it had destroyed the broadcast sheet, but I was able to pull it out and run it through again with just a few mild wrinkles. Close call! Fortunately, I had taken a bunch of pictures of it before laminating just in case something went wrong.

It appears that I don’t have the 578 Trailer Towing Package. Some of the codes are intuitive, but I don’t know what many of them mean.

413, what other information can you glean from this?
1966 Plymouth Fury Wagon Broadcast Sheet.jpg