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    I have extra trim pieces for a Polara or Monaco.

    Window trim - at least one complete set for front window, side windows, and rear window. Have other pieces. $50 per window, all trim for that window.

    Door handles $10

    Body side mouldings $20 per piece

    Hood moulding $50

    Fender trim (eyebrows?) $35

    Cowl cover $35

    Front Bumper Cores - cheap, make offer

    Grille pieces - I may have a complete grille for sale $20 per outer $40 per center

    Two (2) front bumper guards - bad rubber, has Knicks in them. $20 each

    One (1) rear bumper guard - bad rubber, has a chunk out on the top. $20

    Taillight housings - have small chips in them, both on the bottom right $10 each

    Trunk inserts, the decoration next to the taillights - needs the ribs painted -$25 each

    I'd say the items are driver quality, some may be nicer.

    Make offer on any or all parts.

    Thanks FCBO!


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