SOLD 1969 Chrysler 300 2 door hardtop....Mine

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No way.

Agreed. Triple or quadruple the shipping from Chicago to Bremehaven. To put a number on @sixpkrt's comment, say you double the cost of the repair work. Now you're at minimum $16k (unlikely) and could be in for $18k (more likely).

PS: BTW, doubling the repair cost does not include fixing or replacing the AutoTemp--though that may not matter to most European fusie lovers, and fixing a 1969-1970 H53 A/C is a futile exercise anyways.

there are plenty of Polish fixers that can get the car to port from Chicago cheaply.
I am asuming the car runs and drives, so minor mechanical repairs, rockauto cheap as ****. Minimal body work and paint to flip the car, All of this max 2kusd in Poland, really. Usually when importing cars to bremhaven polish importers stack them on top one another on a wooden construction, get a few cars in one container. I recently rebuilt a cbody from the ground up so i know a bit. This car was a bargain, looking at the pics
Wow, almost cheaper to move to the USA, and get all the C bodies you want and all the parts you need and keeps these great cars in the states!

It would be if income from your home country was converted 1 for 1 - $1 NZ to $1 US but its not.

Probably for younger folks only earning in the US it'd be good.
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