SOLD 1969 Chrysler 300 2 door hardtop....Mine

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Jan 18, 2013
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After having the triple pickle going on 5 years now, I’ve decided to sell my 69 300.
The car is very dependable and could be driven anywhere today. The 350hp 440 and transmission are original to the car. Both have been serviced regularly since my ownership.
When I bought the car, it had 58K registered miles the odometer. Today the clock is showing I’ve only moved it another 4800 miles to 61803.

The 300 is an early build car, prior to the mandatory headrests that appeared on later 69's, and has been in the Chicago area it’s entire life. Having had some body/paint work done to it from previous the owner, it's beginning to show it’s age.
Let’s call it a 20 footer. The pictures are representative of the condition.

The interior is in better than average condition, and the carpeting needs to be replaced, but I recently bought new green carpeting from Auto Custom Carpet that will go with the car.
The floors and trunk are solid, but the rear quarters will need some attention in the future.
This is a low option car, however it does have working auto pilot option, a.k.a cruise control, the outside righthand mirror option. The crank windows work, the washer bottle is in tact and sprays as it should. It also has A/C, but it doesn’t work.
I’m not looking to make a killing on the sale, but I won’t give it away either. It’s a great restoration car if that’s what you’re looking for, or you can just jump in, turn the key and go and use it as your driver as I have the past few years.

Car is located 50 miles northwest of Chicago. PM me if you have questions or if you’re ready to buy. I’d like to get $8100 for the car, but any reasonable offer will be considered.
Drivers side front.jpg
440  1.jpg
Rear bumper.jpg
Fender tag.jpg
Front seat 2.jpg
Back seat.jpg
Right rear quarter.jpg
Trunk floor metal.jpg
Left rear quarter.jpg
Saw the triple pickle in 2019.
Whoever snaps her up is getting a good car.

F8 was a new for 69 color and not commonly seen on Chryslers. Seen more on A and B body musclecars.
Whoever ordered this car,thank you for not ordering a vinyl top!
The F8 just works as a solid color on this body style.

She is a true example of what you ordered you get what you want.
The optional vinyl/cloth bench seat interior was a no cost option over the standard vinyl buckets.
Bucket seats are cool, but at that time the bench was still the king of comfort.
The cornering lamps,Auto-Temp,power brakes and steering,bench seat and radio I am assuming that when ordered new there would be some serious driving time spent behind the wheel and done comfortably with the sporty look of the hideaway headlights.
cell phone june 2019 146.jpg
Thanks Lea. I'm gonna have to have you write my "for sale" ads next time.:thumbsup:
.....and tell that prime Minister of your to open up the border!
Love to see you make it back to the C Body Show this June.
Damn. Great ride, in reasonable condition. It's a steal in my opinion.
I will miss CM23K9C130378 -- here she is on September 7, 2019 at the first CATL. GLWS!

IMG_1895 copy.jpg
Really nice car... i wish it was 65-68 and i would be up north in an hour to pick it up.... even in this crappy Chicago weather...
Really nice car... i wish it was 65-68 and i would be up north in an hour to pick it up...
If you're an hour south of Chicago, then you're pretty close to the Perul, IL. Hope you can join the Illinois River Run on May 2!

Back to the topic at hand: hopefully someone local buys Tim's 300 and we get to see her many more times at Midwestern events :)
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I'm very sorry to hear that you are selling your car Tim, but I'm very happy that you already may have a buyer. Best of luck.
You should see how big those salt rocks are before they disintegrate
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