For Sale 1973 Dodge Monaco 6 Passenger Station Wagon

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Dec 17, 2016
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Broomfield, CO
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1973 Dodge Monaco 6 passenger station wagon. Very good to great condition throughout. Early 70's MOPAR wagons (and coupes) are very hard to find; this wagon is just about as nice as you could wish to find. 100% original (except the wheels) and complete. 400 V8 runs well (smokes a little). 727 Torque Flite automatic transmission shifts/works effortlessly. Only 41K miles (believed to be original). Interior is in great to excellent condition except the carpet on the driver side floor, which shows some wear and tear; this area will need to be repaired and/or replaced (or covered). Dash has a few small cracks, but is otherwise solid and not deformed; a dash cover would be sufficient to enjoy the car as is (as well as a floor mat for afforementioned carpet). Carpet in rear compartment panels is a bit faded, but otherwise in great condition - almost like new! Glass is perfect. Exterior body is very straight with no damage at all. There are a couple of very small rust spots at the bottom of the wheel wells at quarters/fenders (typical, but quite minor). Original paint and integrated "woodgrain" panels are "well" weathered - read faded - however a good detail/polish would bring a new life to the finish assuredly. Factory AC, cruise control, power windows, power tailgate glass, etc., etc. Car may not be perfect or in brand new condition, but it is absolutely a great looking, just about 100% original and complete wagon, which needs very, very little (definitely several times less than the restoration costs it would take to get a similar car in this condition - assuming you could find one). A good tune-up and detail are all you need to thoroughly enjoy this wagon and take it to shows (not to mention take a potential trip to Wally World!) Quite reasonably priced, here is your chance to have your own Truckster! Asking $10,950

Thinning collection and selling several other early 70's C Body MOPAR station wagons, as well as several Cadillac Coupe DeVille 2 door hardtops.










Just curious, why do you think the engine smokes a little with only 41K miles on it?. Given the asking price, why would you not tune it up so a potential buyer would have more assurance that it doesn't have any engine problems such as worn valves assuming it doesn't run as well as it should given the mileage estimate and since you indicate it needs a tune up.

It appears to have manual, not power windows (except the tailgate of course).

A couple photos of the seats seems important as well to help validate the miles estimate as well as the front floor carpet. Also, a couple photos of the underhood would be essential as well for a prospective buyer.

Does the a/c work well? What does not work well on the car if anything that hasn't already been covered.

I used to own this car. I believe those are wagon-wheels under the caps. Sold it to a guy in Texas, that's where the woodgrain got faded. Then I saw it on ebay a few years back.
Hi, thanks for the info. Here is a great opportunity for you to own this car all over again then; does not happen very often. Don' t miss this. Memories...
Hi, thanks for the info. Here is a great opportunity for you to own this car all over again then; does not happen very often. Don' t miss this. Memories...

It was a good car; I'd buy it again. Unfortunately too many projects and irons in the fire.
Low mileage on a 45 plus year old engine does not mean it should not smoke.
Long term storage even if done properly still cannot avoid stuck piston rings, dried out umbrella seals,rotten intake gaskets and even a stuck PCV valve all can contibute to blowby and oil burning.
I experienced a few low mileage motors that ran well but were time bombs once we opened them up.
Just saying, each case should be treated individually.
Hi, thank you very much for providing this information. I would not know. I love cars and still have nearly 50 under my care but I don't t know anything about mechanics (I probably would screw up an oil change). It gets quite expensive since I need to use shops and providers for anything the cars may need. That's one of the reasons I want to sell about a dozen now. I am starting with lower tier, very inexpensive cars (less than 15K) that may or may not need some work.
Hi, I am (and all my cars) in Broomfield, Colorado. That's in the NorthWest suburbs of Denver, approximately 30 minutes from downtown Denver and DIA airport. You are welcome to come in and check the cars I am selling in person.
Quite high price, considering... imo.
I've owned 4 '71 to '73 C body wagons.
Someone has to repop the woodgrain for the 72& 73 Monaco. So essential to achieve the "look".
Beautiful station wagon! You mentioned several others? Curious about them too. Maybe I can finance something for the right deal. I prefer 1966, but... w a growing family early 70s Mopar isn't bad.
Hi Gerald, if you call me on the phone we can discuss this 73 SW as well as other cars. Check Hemmings; I have ads for two SW's (72 Dodge & 73 Chrysler) and two Cadiillacs CdV (71 & 69). Lots more photos and much more detailed description. I also have one gorgeous 1966 Dodge Polara 880 SW (not currently for sale- would be expensive) and two 1967 Dodge Monaco SW's - one with dual zone, rear AC !(surf wagon projects), also several other early 70's SW's and two door coupes. Some 100% original, some needing a bit of this or that and others with no expenses sparred, better than new restorations. Thinking about getting a full restoration on a 71 Monaco coupe HT next. As you can see I have been appreciative of C Bodies for a long time! Much easier & faster to talk on the phone. Call me at three, zero, three, nine, four one - one, seven, six, five. Thanks. DodgeMaxx. Sent Sunday 10/13/19 @ 09:34
Hi Gerald, if you call me on the phone we can discuss this 73 SW ....

.... Thanks. DodgeMaxx. Sent Sunday 10/13/19 @ 09:34

Thank YOU for preserving these wonderful vehicles from Detroit's Age of Golden Iron! Now, IFF I can persuade my N-lawz or some charitable soul from Church to cough up the requisite moolah, I will then call you. This being so low probability as to border on the miraculous, I warn you against any such expectation, BUT, since MY being ALIVE, let alone a father at my late age, getting Mathilda (our 66 Newport) for little more than a rock-n-roll song et cetera ALL border on miraculous, I reckon its possible!
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