1976 NYB rear defroster

Dana Goetz

Aug 20, 2018
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Owen Sound, ON, Canada
I'm not sure where this belongs so I'll see where it ends up.
The rear defroster contact braid has come loose from the rear window defroster grid. Is there any way of repairing this?
I think I'll need some sort of conductive adhesive but how do I clean the corrosion off of the braid?

Local auto glass shop won't touch it.

I once had a repair kit for broken traces on a rear defroster grid. You just painted it across the gap and it restored conductivity. There's also silver and nickel paint for repairing circuit boards and such. I'm not sure if either of them would be strong enough to actually attach wiring, but it might be worth a try. If the wire is corroded I would maybe try some sort of contact cleaner but not the kind with any kind of lubricant in it because then the paint probably wouldn't stick. If you get it fixed let us know how you did it.
The glass companies are probably thinking "solder" and that builds heat which can cause the glass to crack. PLUS if they touch it, it's theirs for life, too.

Seems like there used to be some soft lead solder that was used by the arts and crafts people? Soft and easy to deal with, IF it's still around, "lead" being as deadly as it might tend to be and all of that.

Permatex makes two kits. PN 09117 & 21351 do some research on these, they amy get you in the right direction