3rd Annual Midwest C Body Car Show

Probably doesn't surprise many the one with turbos doesn't mind a little tire smoke...

I smile every time I see one like that with the 'stealth' Sears guardsmans that don't squawk but just kinda go zing
Your car was pretty wicked, creative use of space!
Another show next year? Of course there will be.

Thanks to everybody who saved the date for our 3rd annual C Body show at Volo. Even though the turnout was less than what had been expected, most likely due to the questionable forecast that was being predicted, but with having 40+ attendees and their 28 vehicles that came this year, helped to make our annual outing a success.
The after parties went on way after the sun went down. Thanks for Xenon for hosting immediately following the show, and for those who kept the fun going later at my shop.
Oh, and as for that burn out Wyatt posted of the NYer from the back of my shop, no haters please.
I just got the car running, and needed to see what that HP440 was capable of. But after running out of real estate at 175’, I know now.:steering: I had a great time, and look forward to doing this again.
Took some pics to share, but may have missed a few, but we did manage to take our group photo this year we’ve always seemed to forget.
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God, that 67 500. Not to detract from, well, ANY of the cars at this event. They’re all frikkin stunning. But that thing is EVERYTHING I want to make Bev into... just a monotone version.

This looks like the coolest time ever! Awesome work guys!
@sixpkrt Thanks again for putting this shindig together! Each year it just keeps getting better.
Thanks to everyone for the posted pictures and it was great spending a day with C Body people.
@sixpkrt Thanks again for putting this shindig together! Each year it just keeps getting better.
Thanks to everyone for the posted pictures and it was great spending a day with C Body people.
Tim is da MAN! Such a fine collection of Chryslers hes got!

Pics I grabbed before we split for the night. Everyone all tucked in at Tim's shop.


I wasn't able to make it with a car, but the parts hauler made it, and I had a blast, before the show at Wyatt's, at the show, the after show(s) and then at Fox Lake the next day. Rain didn't ruin my weekend, but did make for less cars than we were hoping. Looks like the Minnesota show is safe, for this year! We got twice the Minnesota cars there this year, but I'm hoping for a caravan down to Illinois next year. @DocMcNeedy and others in MN, we need to show up in force! It was good to meet some members I hadn't, and see the ones I have. I start working on my fleet later today, and will have a car ready for the road for next year's show. Just one of those years, bit the Volo show will always be one I attend, it's a great time to relax and talk about our cars, in a beautiful setting. Thanks again @sixpkrt and @Xenon for hosting and being your charming selfes, I'm looking forward to next year already.

And to @cbarge and @'69FuryIIIConvertible, thanks for making it an international event, and smashing the long distance hauler award, you really raised the bar!
Thanks! All in a weekend's drive in a car that was built to....drive!
When we pulled up to register,I was asked if I trailer-ed BoaB the 750 miles,I said NNNOOOOO! LOL!!

Bottom line for me is not about winning anything.
I wanted to meet the people here on FCBO who followed the BoaB all these years.
All of you deserved see her in the flesh. So We took her for a wee little drive!
We are part of our own small community here and showing the Boab is my way of saying thanks to all of you over the 14 years.
As for the award itself,I think other car shows should do the same. Such a thoughtful gesture and more useful than a detail kit or shop vac. I got a gift card that was used for gas that got us back to the Canuckinan border plus we had breakfast and supper on it too!
Thanks again We had a blast!
Looks like we found the food vendor for next year's show. Wait, didn't you say you'd bring some this year? I think a whole lot of these next year will make up for it.

Looks like you all had a great time. Thanks to everyone that posted pictures. Wish I could have been there. Neither of my Chryslers was up for the trip this year, and I'm spending every free moment putting my Windsor back together. I set a deadline for myself -- I preregistered it for New Hamburg Moparfest in August! So there's a good chance I'll be able to drive it to Volo next year.