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    Nov 2, 2013
    Ok now the wagon has manual disk brakes
    From a 1973 cbody mine is a 66 fury wagon
    I want to ad power brakes
    I bought a complete used power brake booster and pedal. From a 1966 fury
    What else will i need
    I will have the booster rebuilt.
    What else
    Any tips out there for me
    All info .

  2. Davea Lux

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    Mar 27, 2017
    Cornelius Or
    That is a drum brake booster, you need a '68-'70 Bendix dual diaphragm booster for the disc brakes to work properly. (The booster in the photo is a single diaphragm booster) You will also need to upgrade to a dual pot disc brake master cylinder and install a split brake disc brake proportioning valve. Front discs also use a different style brake hose so those will need to be replaced also. You will need the brake booster hose fitting for the intake manifold and vacuum hose of the appropriate length and size (11/32). Do not use fuel hose or transmission cooler hose as those types of hose are not appropriate for vacuum applications. www.inlinetube.com has the appropriate proportioning valves and the requisite tubing to do the upgrade. www.yearone.com has the manifold fitting and booster hose. If you are buying after market rotors, be sure to get rid of the ChiCom bearing races, they are too soft for a heavy car like a C-Body. Install Timkin bearings and races. Good luck.

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