66 Sport Fury Keep the 383 or go 440 ?? Worth the cash?

66 Sport Fury Keep the 383 or go 440 ?? Worth the cash?

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I spent most of my Mexico time further south, from the Seven Sisters area down to Abreojos.

I'm currently in the second year of a 3-month paint project. I'm now on my second TJ paint and body guy. It's looking good this time around, so once I've gotten the car back, I'd be happy to share contact info if you're interested.

Edited to add: Depending on several things, my 2019 car plan may be to rebuild engine, trans and rear end. I'm seriously considering running a 505 stroker in my imperial. So I'm really curious how your project comes out.

Hey buddy any info regarding your paint guy in TJ?
I wanted to cast my vote for the 440 but wasn't sure whether to click "yes" or "no"

Why not go for the biggest displacement, if budget allows. Is there a such thing as too much torque? :D

We're enjoying the stock 440 in our 300 for now, but when the day comes for a rebuild, it will get a stroker kit, no question.