"67 Plymouth Fury III rear brake drums question ??

John Reddie

May 9, 2017
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I have 2 '67 Fury's with the 8 3/4 rear end and 11 x 2 inch rear brake drums. All the drums I have found listed in this size say they fit cars with the 225 slant six engine. I have been unable to find ones listed for the 318 engine cars like mine. I always thought that all drums for this style rear end for '67 and '68 were interchangeable. I checked several drums this size listed on ebay and when I entered the 318 engine, it stated that the were not compatible. Any info on this subject will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
2" rear drums for the 8.75 rear end are all the same for '67. A lot of Canadian produced cars had these drums as standard equipment on the lower performance V-8 cars.

Keep in mind that at least half of what is listed on sleaze bay is inaccurate.....

The light duty systems , on " C " bodies utilized
11 " x 2 3/4 " on the Fronts and 11 " x 2 " on the Rears ....... &
The heavy duty systems , on " C " bodies utilized
11 " x 3 " on the Fronts and 11 " x 2 1/2 " on the Rears .......

At this moment in time, I have all five (5) of them (there is an early and late 11" x 2"...) in *** N.O.S. *** U.S.A. made *** Brake Drums...

P.M. me, as per forum rules, if interested..... Craig.....
The drop down menus of all of the recent parts look-up databases have an engine designation in them. IF you are wondering about what might be correct, consult the FSM for your car and also the '67 Chrysler Parts Book. Both free downloads at www.mymopar.com .

Just match the items on your vehicle and do not worry about the engine issue in the parts look-ups we now have. To me, a 225 and 318 probably had the same exact brake systems on them, anyway. Wagons might vary from sedans, though. Of course, B/RB cars would be different.

Just some observations,
national Mo-Parts in canada is showing 11x2 rear c body drums 65-68...their site claims they fit slant sixes and 318s....
BEST thing to do is to check the Chrysler parts books at www.mymopar.com rather than completely trust any vendor's catalog listing. UNTIL you find a vendor that is accurate. NOT to forget that brake parts vendors (like Raybestos, Bendix, etc.) all have online catalogs, too. After you look at lots of sources, PLUS the FSM specs, then you can learn whom to trust, from my experiences.

AND, of course, Craig @mobileparts, too.