68 Newport owner with lots of questions.


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Nov 13, 2023
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Hello, so glad i found this group! I just bought this 68 Newport and it seems it will need a lot of little things to get it "right".
For starters, i've been in the car hobby for a while, i've owned everything from classic two seat t-birds to a 2019 Corvette convertible, along ewith some Mopars through tghe years including a 55 Plymouth Plaza when i was a kid, two 66 Chargers, 67 Fury III, a 67 Barracuda coupe and a few more. All those are gone and the latest toy is a BIG departure from my Corvettes. I'll post some pictures soon. Its is a white converible with black bucket seat interior and something like 30 options including the Sportsgrain trim on the side.
It has a 383 with A/C and seems to run ok. It currently runs a little rich with an Edelbrock AFB style carb on a stock iron manifold and points ignition; I was planning on putting a Mopar Performance electronic ignition on it.
Car seems to be very original, which is good and bad. Original exhaust has just been replaced. The original top is next to be replaced, along with some interior panel replacement. I will need some help and recommendations when it comes to the suspension. Ive been looking and cannot find a complete front suspension "kit", I need everything.
This forum will be a first for me, i plan on checking out the FAQs and searching around but i did want to come in her and say Hello to all my fellow car nuts.

Rich "Fonz" Favazza
Hi from Chilton, Wi and congrats on the new purchase. Waiting to see your pix
I hope to have some pictures pretty soon! I have a lot of things to repair. Does anybody know where I can purchase a front end kit for the car?
^^^ Fonz ^^^ ,
Welcome aboard to the Luxuriant world of “ C “ body , where the cars may not be “ Muscle Cars “ like the Chargers and Coronets, but they are “ Living Rooms on Wheels “ and “ Majestic “ !!! For sure !!!

These Chineseum Front End kits are useless as they can only provide you with 10 of the 15 items, and what the bleeping good is that ?!?! And, their quality is pathetic, anyway, so you are actually ecstatic that they are useless !!!

I can provide you with all 15 items, for a complete Front End, with the absolute best quality of parts available…..and NOT available ( from others, as indicated !!! )

A ) Suspension: Upper & LOWER Ball Joints, Upper & LOWER Control Arm Bushings…..

B ) Steering : Inner & Outer Tie Rods & Tie Rod SLEEVES, Idler Arm, & PITMAN ARM…….

C ) The Rest : Strut Rod Bushings, Inner and Outer Sway Bar Frame Bushings, and Upper and Lower Control Arm Rebound Bumpers / Bump Stops……

Everything weighs 45 pounds, and fits perfectly in a
14 “ x14 “ x 6 “ box, so it can easily be shipped or FREE Pick Up..

P.M. me, as per forum rules, if interested…..