NOT MINE 69 Polar 500 "Vert" Tucson AZ

OK, I'll reconnoiter "Dexter the Dodge" for all of us this coming week. The owner is a righteous dude, literate, which makes big brownies w me right off. Unless the Sunnyside Morris Clan gets a bundle of greenbacks suddenly, I suspect we won't do any deal, but since miracles occur in my life with alarming frequency, I gotta look.....
My gosh this car needs wider rear wheels. I know it's probably the angle of the photo, but still...

If the body isn't full of amateur repairs that will pop back out, looks like it's not too badly priced.
The buyer will need to figure out how to deal with those door panels, though - probably the worst part of the interior. Aside from the breakage around the ign key.

It's probably not a car for a purist or someone wanting a correctly-restored car - it would require too much $$ to get it to the next level.


its not the angle, 69 dodge c bodies rear tread was 60.7", it was increased to 63.4" for 70 ( i got a 70 axle for my 69 Monaco 500 convert)
I'm not well-versed in Dodge C-bodies, so that's a for-sure snippet I've saved.
Depending on whether you want to install wide rear wheels, or have factory wheels fill better - there are options!