NOT MINE 3 ‘70 Polara Convertible Projects - Rose Bowl on FB


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Apr 18, 2012
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@ayilar, here are some tags. @polara71 he mentions your old Rose Bowl car.


I hate to do it but I am going to sell my 3 polara convertible projects. I would like to sell them as a package but will split up. But if they sell as a package I will knock $1000 off the individual car price and the new owner can have my LARGE amount of parts I have to do these 3 cars. The parts stash includes alot of cool stuff like 500 trim, superlite grille, convertible top, bumpers, grilles, complete front stub for convertible with 383 and 727 still attached, and tons of clean sheetmetal.
3 cars are as follow:
1970 EV2 orange 2 tag T code 440 polara vert public relations Q code only known high impact C body vert, superlite, high optioned car.

1970 white 440 polara vert (rose bowl parade car) was Polara Dave's car. All there just disassembled and vert good sheetmetal car.

Then a 1969 polara 500 L code 440hp B7 blue. Solid body but needs floor pans which I have.

All 3 are projects but very worthy projects. The EV2 one is the only know high impact color vert and is a 2 tag Q code public relations car.

Pm me for more info or pics. I am asking $4500 per car individually or I will sell the group of 3 for $12500 and the new owner would also get all the parts I have for them which is an easy couple grand. Located by norfolk, nebr. Thanks Mike
DL27T0D203980 is an amazing car! Two tags even! Wow!!
The Polara guys phones I guess have been blowing up. I guess not just Polara guys had some Fury guys alert me to these last evening. Thanks to all.
The Rose Bowl car can't catch a break. That and the EV2 car land to those with good intentions and they never come to fruition.

To date I'm very certain the EV2 car is the only known 2 tag 70 convertible.
ah yes, the wisdom and regret of age.


twenty years ago I would not have stopped until all three were in my warehouse. I am happy its twenty years later and my time has passed. That's also the sad part.

Hope these stay in hobby with capable and dedicated new generation of owner(s). I know ..too much to hope for. heck, they don't even wanna drive these magnificent machines anymore :)


maybe some cats/families like this will still be caretaker(s) in the meantime? :poke::D

and they are still up for sale according to FB.
Hard to believe