70 chrysler new yorker front end sheet metal


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Oct 20, 2016
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san jose california
oem paint , no rust , hood , front fenders , inner fenders , grille , bumper , core support , h/l assemblies , trim , ect . $700 for all , may separate . all off the car already , car is gone . can get more pics .

Do you still have the rest of the car?:poke:
no'p it hit the mill , i did keep the door panels although , black ones , in good shape is i recall . what you looking for , might have pulled it .
I was just jerking your chain seeing as how you stated the rest of the car was gone. I guess these are just a few seconds neither one of us will ever get back...
no issues here , time ticks away for all . but its good to see your reading the ad , lol . that nyr was a 350 / 440 , it runs great . original owner was a retired wrench with the police dept here in sj . so i'm sure some parts may have made it to his nyr . it had cop tires on it , lol . must have been some extra ones , lol . had it stored in a enclosed car port its whole life . he dies and the widow sells all his stuff off and the house . moved in to a retirement home .