71 Fury III Radiator recommendations?


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Feb 26, 2017
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I have a 1971 Fury III with a suped-up 360. (do people still say 'suped-up'?)
anyway. I am looking to replace the radiator. I have googled it, but would like to know what other people have used and where ya got it from.
Did ya go with an aluminum after marker model or stick with stock?
Keeping the car original does not concern me. I'm more concerned with keeping my hot rod cool. (is that a pun?)
my other concern is fit. Easy out, easy in, i dont really have the tools to have to fabricate brackets and such and want to use the same fan shroud.(although would consider and after market fan shroud if necessary)

So what have ya used on yer Fury? Got a link? A trusted parts supplier? Summit maybe?

Thanks in advance for your time.
Im an original kind of guy. I take them to the local radiator shop and spend the 500 to have it re-done. Many here are fine with the aluminum replacement radiators for 200. ..... Its a matter of choice.
I went from a 22 with a leak in the neck to a 26 from speedcooling.com It is indeed one of the cheap aluminums people are speaking of. Working great and seems well made but I can see how people could get a bad one. Welds look average. But after some black paint I'm happy so far. Of course from 22 to 26 was not easy out/in. I had to drill new holes and make "wings for my 22" shroud. I can say the radiator mounting flanged look like they were well thought out with some room for flexibility in case a hole needed to be changed.
Thanks for your time.

Ok, i am confused now. I followed the link to speedcooling and read a blurb about sizes. A 22 is actually 26 inches wide and a 26 is actually 29 inches wide?
this article: Mopar Radiators

here is a photo of mine.

When they say core, they are talking about the inside here?
so this would make it the 26 small block?

Duh, I shoulda measured the mounts too, i'll do that later.

Thanks again.
The 26 could be found on small blocks too, with A/C or towing package. 22" Came on s/b and B/Bs without air
Yes, I think you got it. Based on where your upper radiator hose connects to the radiator I would say you have the 26 small block by their definition. They have dimensions for each one once you click on it. Looking at those will help understand what they are saying about core vs overall dimensions (which includes mounts. I put a 26 (big block) radiator in my 22" radiator support so had to do mods. I can say one side would have matched perfectly with my existing holes. Looking at the diagram compare your mounting holes with the ones shown to give you an idea of how easy a replacement it will be. Also your existing shroud should be no wider than 26 7/16

And lastly double check the overall height of 23 1/8 and the hose diameters. For me both were spot on but I replaced the hoses anyway. But if you have to drill new holes its easy.


Here is mine installed. Just know it does NOT have the cool original look as the original or the more expensive replacements.