What should I do with my '69 Fury III?


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May 3, 2022
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Hey guys, long time. As ya'll may know, I'm a fairly new (and inactive) member here. Here's my introduction. New Member! 1969 Plymouth Fury 3 I have a 1969 Plymouth Fury III auto 318 that I drove daily for a couple months. It was a good car, didn't let me down. I got into a minor accident that took her off the road. Here's the thread that details that event. Steering center link and exhaust Y-pipe unfortunately, I haven't yet fixed her up, even enough to be road worthy. The car runs good, strong engine, transmission, brakes, all that. The lights work, but not all the accessories work, but that's normal for a car this age. It has severe body damage, but can be driven; the damage that keeps it off the road are bent rear springs and a bent center link. It also needs a new exhaust Y-pipe.
Here's the conundrum. I liked this car okay, but not enough to fix it the way it deserves to be fixed. If I were to 'fix' it, I'd fix the running gear, I'd paint the wheels red, doll it up like an old nascar, nothing fancy mind you, just sponsor stickers and a big number on the doors; 13 of course, and paint "It'll buff" beside the giant dent in the fender. I'd give it dual exhaust and a 4-barrel carb and call it a day. Then I'd keep it because that would be fun.
My other option is fix the running gear so it's road worthy and sell it.
Or I could sell it as is.
The motivation for selling is to finance a car I am more interested in.
What do you think? Is it worth anything in its current condition, or should I try to fix it before selling it? should I keep it and make it a novelty?
Just looking for a second opinion, so I can do something with it instead of leaving her sad and alone in the backyard.
Thanks in advance.
Sell as is. Or keep as parts source. Then get one that is worth the time and effort of renovation (restoration not necessary) and maintaining it.
Then drive drive drive........
Please understand I'm not trying to be a jerk or badmouth your stuff.

IMHO, the cost and labor to repair this car will far exceed the value. It's a rusty car that has significant body/frame damage that is going to be expensive to get to a point of being safely drivable. You'll never recover that cost. Sorry.

I would suggest selling it as is or parting it out. Parting it will probably bring the most cash, but there has to be some pieces that are good that people want. It's also a PITA dealing with getting paid and shipping etc.

Another suggestion is to use as a parts car for another Fury... That presents some problems with it sitting around with neighbors and parts downgrading with time.

Find something you like that doesn't need a ton of work... You know what you are capable of. But as I just told a friend, we drag old project cars home and then a light goes on one day and we smarten up and buy cars we can drive home.
IF you had the time to part it out that would be great. If you sell it I hope the new owner would fix it to enjoy or part it out and not Derby the car.
Since you drove it for 2 months before wrecking it, the car has no sentimental value.
If you use it for parts, you tie yourself down to another 69 Fury.
I'd sell the car to someone who parts cars for a living.
You'll ditch a burden and be free to get what you want.
Rather than sell it locally, might sell it as salvage to somebody like Copart, which has a national network of yards and customers who might need something off of it. Or somebody who might have the capabilities of rebuilding it. That might not generate the same amount of funds, but it might be cleaner and easier to get rid of and move on from it.

Possible "bad thing" is that it's "Justa 318 car", rather than a B/RB engined car. And all that might mean in the way of parts.

Take care,
this is his car. not much to discuss:
What happened to the car? As in the body hits. It looks like someone was backing a pickup truck into intentionally.
Thank you all for your advice! Selling it was what I was expecting to hear, and I think I already knew that it made the most sense. I just hate to see this car turned into a derby car or parted out, when it was a good car in decent condition before I crashed it. @Boydsdodge I slid off the road and got really familiar with a fence post. A BIG one; the size of a power pole. I did take it out of the ground though, so I think I won the fight haha
Shame, nice body style that is. Even in that condition, it would fetch a few thousand $ over here.
If you enjoy driving the car as is fix it enough to drive it and leave the rest alone. If you can't afford that right now then sell it or store it until you can.