74-78 New Yorker Roof Rail Weatherstrip

Kip Gardiner

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Jul 17, 2017
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Hi All,

I am posting some pictures of my 78 NYB that, like many of our cars, had a roof rail weatherstrip problem. New weatherstrips are pretty much unobtainable so I did some research and found a GM extrusion for the weatherstrips and also a GM extrusion for the vertical quarter glass seal on the rear window.

In the pics you will notice that the old weatherstrip ends need to be cut and reused and the new weatherstrip is glued onto them with 3m weatherstrip adhesive. It's black and buried so you won't notice it. The parts are available at Restoration Specialties and the contact info along with part numbers are shown below. (NOTE: THE REAR WEATHERSTRIP JOINS UP AT THE TOP OF THE C-PILLAR> USE YOUR OLD WEATHERSTRIP TO CARRY ON FROM THAT POINT, it's a different extrusion and should not be damaged like the roof rail will be).

Here is that quarter glass seal profile. Another hard to find part. It also is a GM extrusion but appears to be a dead ringer, nice and soft too. The new quarter glass seal will be a tight fit and you will need to sand it so it will fit into the track. I used 220 grit paper taped down to a bench then take off about 1\16" from the extrusion so it will slide into the track. (Do NOT REMOVE THE CHROME STRIP FROM THE REAR WINDOW. Use WD-40 and slide the quarter glass rubber up and out and slide in the new one)

Here it comes again, the company that carries this stuff is Restoration Specialties and they only carry the extrusion which means you must use your old ends.

The contact and website is below. Ask for Dave Jr. as he is aware of this GM extrusion number that fits our cars.
Restoration Specialties & Supply, Inc.

The part number is GM extrusion 4770

The vertical quarter glass seal is a GM number extrusion again and does work. It's 92401.

The Cat Whiskers for the horizontal glass seal ar 990968 or 990969 depending on whether or not you want vent window or not.

Just search the above numbers in the catalog and you will find them.






Weatherstrip21 (1).JPG

I forgot to post two more pics. The first shows the original Chrysler extrusion and the second shows the GM extrusion side by side and the other pic shows the new roof rail weatherstrip installed with windows up.


VERY GOOD! Thanks for posting.

On my '70 DH43, one side of the roof rail weatherstrip wore through (that way when I got the car in '75) where the front upper corner of the rear door glass contacted the weatherstrip. As a somewhat normal wear situation. One side was "to metal" and the other side was just worn.

I was at the local dealership when a '71 Fury Gran Sedan came in. I hadn't seen it before and looked at the weatherstrips on that car for wear. What I found was a thin pvc-like plastic sheath in that particular wear area. The parts guy and myself looked though the parts book to find that item, but it was not there. Just a thin plastic sheet that looped around the weatherstrip perfectly. About 4-5" long in that area. Thin enough to not cause any "end gap" wind noise. Thick enough to take the wear.

On my car, adjusting the rear door window could be an option, but that would also have meant similar adjustments at the front door window, which was fine as it is.

At that time, didn't want to order a new weatherstrip from Chrysler unless the issue could be fixed, as I didn't want to spend money for the wear issue to happen again.

Thanks very much! i have problem with all my 4dht door weatherstrip. Can you help me with this matter? is there possibly use older c-body weatherstrip to car or maybe some GM..if anybody know or have some information about weatherstrip that will work....

did you cut the rubber on this position and clue it in the correct angle ? Or take you the new GM extrusion in one pice ?


thank you
Question for Kip, I think i can make this also work on the two door but have question for clarification I have some serious weather damage to the "wipers" on the door rail di you have any luck with a xover for that as well? Im nutshell the window seal on both sides is sun roached and wont seal
thank you for your discovery and work put into finding that Z
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He Zimm, nice car. Glad the pics from my NYB were able to help. The window door wipers are called 'cat whiskers' and they were available for my 78 NYB. They should be available for you as well. The same company that sells the roof rail weatherstrip carried them. I've long ago sold all my cars but I'll see if I can find them in that catalog. Pretty sure they're available.