Convertible Seals: Steele Rail Weather-strip Set


Sep 8, 2022
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Hey all, this past year I installed new front convertible seal. There is a gap that I can't really solve for, I've sent Steele my original seals and they acknowledge that there is a difference, but they also say that they have sold over 200 sets and only have had a few returns over the years.

So here's my question, has anyone on here used the same set and if so, what year/model have you installed them on, and do you have the same issue? See the picture's I've attached for reference, it's a pretty good sized gap above the wing window frame.

1965-1968 Chrysler Dodge Plymouth Convertible Roof Rail Weatherstrip Set|Steele Rubber Products

My car is a 67 Fury, I have a wing window frame off a 68 and it's the exact same outside dimensions and shape. so same issue there. I have to wonder if they tooled it off an earlier car etc. The fitment goes from 65-68. Fury, Imperial, 300, Newport, Polara.

let me know what you have and if you can post pictures if you have the gap. Steele sounds like they want to figure this out, so please help if you can.

Fury Vert Seal 1.jpg

Fury Vert Seal 2.jpg

Fury Vert Seal 3.jpg
you won't be able to use bulk material for the Conv top front rail, it's a complex piece with corners etc. The front along the top of the windshield is flat then it tapers a bit to the corners and has a bend there where it starts to go backwards along the Vent frame and then the side window.

That being said. Steele said "no go" on re-tooling. The cost of re-tooling is cost prohibitive, they just don't sell enough to warrant it. I get it, sucks, but I get it.

My guess is whoever supplied them with the original to model off of was a bad original and nobody ever corrected them out of the gate years ago.
Go in RA in the universal section body. They sell a ton of weatherstripping by the foot you just need to know the profile dimensions. Saved me a ton of money.

Body & Lamp Assembly Weatherstrip Parts | RockAut