81=83 efi parts

not much, its an ongoing $truggle to keep a fuel injected imp running....
after replacing component after component most owners convert to carb - once you start going down that rabbit hole of endless repairs you either give up on the car or convert to carb.
all of my hunchbacks were carb conversions ( and i wanted to keep em efi)

81 Imperial 1 (2).jpg
IMHO, in the long run, there may be more value in keeping the original pieces with the car.
It's worth what someone is willing to pay depending on how bad they need it. Those EFI systems were so problematic they were being converted to carbs when those Imperials were only a few years old. I can't imagine there are many Imperials left with the original EFI systems still functioning. Like Big_John mentioned, just hang onto the parts so if you ever sell the car you have the original set up. It's kind of sad when you think back and realize a reliable EFI system was only a few years away. Early to mid '80's carb systems were becoming a nightmare with the computer controls and emissions regulations, fuel injection was such a much needed breakthrough.