A 67 Newport just landed in my Barn

Well got around to pulling the back seat out and found the BS and a spare set of front bumper signal light lenses tucked behind the seat. Odd thing is the car should be Turbine Bronze yet it's painted the same metalic brown inside under carpet and seats as outside, it must have been a total redo somewhere around 1979 according to the newsprint under the back seat, all soaked in oil or something.
Between the trunk and the back seat section I must have vacuumed up 3 Lbs. of sand ?????View attachment 574382
Anyway here is the BS, not sure what 6 print is under 536 or any of the other codes for that matter.
Please let me know what was ordered. Thanks PT

I presume you've checked and confirmed this sheet goes with this car.

I can help decode the BS if you need it but I would need a better scan or picture.
Yes the BS goes with the car.
Here is hopfully a better pic of the BS.