Another,AnotherAnother,Another 1961 FURY

The "Mopar" seat belts would probably have been a dealer-installed item? Seat belts would have been a production line option, possibly since about '57 or so, after Ford put on their big safety equipment "Life Guard" design padded dash, deep dish steering wheel, and seat belt advertising.

I suspect the round steering wheel was more for the manual steering cars, plus police models? Interesting round shift lever knob on the car! Seems like CHP specified white steering wheels for many years?

Finding an intact build sheet would be interesting.

I'm speechless!! What a find one of 14, one of one when you add in all the options! They do look nice with the bumper tie which I see is missing, they also could be had with aluminum head light surrounds that Im surprised it does not have. It does look like a yoyo on top of the Hurst shifter! Thanks for sharing and please keep us up to date on its progress. Id love to own it!! Found this 4 door at French Lake auto salvage last week in Mn. It was the only 61 Plymouth theres also one 61 Dodge.


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I've never seen Mopar branded seat belts. Was that dealer item, or am I just mistaken?? When did seat belts become mandatory factory items?, and did that happen across the whole US, or did some states start first??

Seat belts were mandated in 1967 and made standard equipment in all US sold vehicles. Up to then they were optional or dealer/owner installed. Both factory and aftermarket were available.
Here is a forward look dealer option belt buckle.

Very cool car. 61 Plymouth and Dodge had some of the best, and boldest designs.
Nice find Ken.:thumbsup:
Are the exhaust manifolds for a HP car of that era. They are different from what I have seen.
I had what I call a Arnie moment when I saw first this car. (How much do want for this
Are the exhaust manifolds for a HP car of that era. They are different from what I have seen.
No,I believe there off a 62 max wedge. It still has the original max wedge mufflers on it. They don't fit well under the hood. The brake line was moved and the heater box was modified to fit them. A back in the day hot rod mod. Most likely done in 62
You guys take on some great projects! This will be a great looking car when you get done. Maybe some other speed parts are hiding under those chrome valve covers!
Not much done. I been collecting as many parts as possiable. Will be bringing it to my friends shop to start the tear down.

Holy Smoke!! I musta missed this thread entirely, until now. What an unbelievable find you have here. This is a very significant car, and is truly a one of one. I betcha the original 383 was a solid lifter unit and was possibly equipped with a pair of four barrel AFBs. I hope you find a build sheet and other info to document and verify all the options, etc. Wow! . . . Just Wow!
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I will bet the radio is a search tune radio

I don't know about search tune,but it has additional rear speakers and a fader knob that look factory.
Literature says RCA AP1 only available with HIFI option?
It is possiable to be RCA record player car. I guess I will find out when I get the IBM card?
Here is the fender tag if somebody could decode it?
It is also in a odd location compared to other tag locations. It's on the front radiator support vs the window post?
I really do think you should try to find the IBM card for that car, as Will suggested, otherwise it will be very difficult to know what really came on it originally. In looking at the front seat, for example, it is a swivel seat but it appears to be a 1959 version (the first year for them) since the power seat switch is a pre-1960 version. The 1960 and up power seat switches looked like this one that is in my 1962 Chrysler 300.

62 300 #2.jpg
No, the tach is not original. It's is however a 1961 sun tach. I like the 8.5. A extra .500 rpm! When you need it.
The hurst yoyo is the mystery to me? The yoyo first came out in 61? There is a 61 motor trend road test of a 61 dodge with a hurst yoyo installed by Chrysler
because Chrysler didn't want to be poorly review by M/T for the lame colum shift. That's what I have been told. I will see if I can locate the M/T article.
It has all the right things that appear to make it look factory? Most likely a dealer 1961 mod.?
Whatever it turns out to be that's the shifter it's getting.
On the swivel seats I discovered some other material under the red seat material.
I will grab a piece and post it. I'm pretty sure that it's not original to the car, but was installed very early. When I pull the seat,I will look for the bucket seat renforcment brackets, l need to put the car in my name to get the IBM card.
Here's a pic of the 1961 hurst display!